In most efficient & accurate way


For our esteemed customers we are looking for the requested industrial items and machines from all European countries. The long time experience with Exports inside the private company over generations giving us the possibility to assist you in most efficient way for purchases of European products.

We are a small company and are reflecting in detail at every single project to give our customers all the necessary information & help they need. In case you have any special request we are acting in the biggest possible flexibility.

For your convenience & efficiency we are arranging always the best possible shipments and payments.

Well established around the world


More than 80 years ago, decades before the beginning of globalisation, we established with deep trading knowledge our wellknown name in asian markets. We really know how to act in adequate ways in doing business and between different cultures.

With our decades of experience we work closely together with all local partners.

We are specialised in following


For Exports to Asian Markets we work closely with many